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The Japanese Bitters Hinoki

24,29 excl. btw 29,39 incl. btw
Hinoki bitters is Pure 100% persimmons, that lives in the environment, are used with blessing from the nature of Tama

The Japanese Bitters Shiso

24,30 excl. btw 29,40 incl. btw
Shiso bitters are prepared using carefully selected blue shiso from the longstanding Aoba plantation, which grows the highest quality of

The Japanese Bitters Umami

24,30 excl. btw 29,40 incl. btw
Umami Bitters is Carefully selected high quality materials from all over Japan from kelp, bonito flakes, and dried shiitake mushrooms,

The Japanese Bitters Yuzu

24,30 excl. btw 29,40 incl. btw
Yuzu bitters are purchased directly from the farmers in Tokushima prefecture, where it is known as the yuzu production district.